Kitchen Biocleaner

ESI’s innovative formula – first-ever Biocleaners WITHOUT acrylates or phosphor

Made for those who want a sparkly clean kitchen without adverse health consequences ?, for those who strive to cut expenditure on cleaners but waste no time cleaning the kitchen.

  • leaves the surface clean and smooth
  • rinses off easily without any stains
  • Ecolabel certified as an eco-friendly Biocleaner
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100% happiness money-back guarantee

ESI JOIN Kitchen Biocleaner has unique cleaning properties of ESI’s innovative formula. Imported from the EU, this Biocleaner complies with the European quality standards. The Ecolabel certified product is entirely safe ? for humans, animals, and the environment.

We care about Your health and the environment

  • Contains NO acrylates, phosphor, or other toxic substances (a comprehensive list of ingredients is located below in the “Content” section)
  • Rinses off easily, so remnants don’t enter Your body through contact with food or dishes
  • No harmful fumes
  • Completely safe ? for animals and the environment

We help You save money

  • Suitable for significant soiling situations as well as regular cleaning, so You save on buying several cleaners
  • Completely removes soiling after the first application, so You save on both product and water consumption
  • Rinses off quickly to prevent re-washing the surface, so You save on water consumption

We help You make more time for You

  • Cleaning is quicker and more comfortable as ESI’s innovative formula completely removes soiling from the surface
  • Rinses off quickly to avoid re-washing the surface and wasting Your time
  • Leaves an antistatic charge which simplifies removal of any re-soiling

ESI’s innovative formula

0% acrylates
Acrylates known as “liquid plastic” are slowly soluble in water salts or complex esters of acrylic acid. After the cleaning is finished, acrylates remain on various surfaces and enter Your body system through the skin. ESI’s unique formula contains NO acrylates yet cleans surfaces as effectively as cleaners containing “liquid plastic.”
0% phosphor
Phosphor and its derivatives (phosphates, phosphonates, etc.) are insoluble in water. When phosphor or its products reach reservoirs through the sewage system, they act as potent fertilizers for blue-green algae. Reservoirs turn into swamps, decreasing the amount of clean water. Fish die en masse, while humans and animals fall ill. ESI’s innovative formula contains NO phosphor yet cleans as efficiently as cleaners containing phosphor.
Cleans effectively yet delicately
ESI’s unique formula cleans surfaces effectively yet delicately and represents a revolutionary method of cleaning. Active molecules mixed with water gently remove soiling from the body while a deep cleaning occurs in pores and micro crevices. Bio cleaners rinse off quickly, leaving an antistatic charge which protects surfaces from re-soiling.

Biocleaner’s content complies with the EU Ecolabel requirements

ESI JOIN Kitchen Biocleaner was created as an eco-friendly alternative to harmful household chemicals because we care about Your health, the health of Your pets, and the environment. As the Biocleaner contains NO phosphor, acrylates, sodium hydroxide, or silicates, it was awarded an Ecolabel certificate.
Contains NO harmful substances
  • 0% acrylates
  • 0% phosphor
  • 0% silicone
  • 0% aggressive surfactants
  • 0% chlorine
  • 0% hydrochloric acid
  • 0% formaldehyde
  • 0% components of animal origin
  • 0% biocides
  • 0% sodium hydroxide
  • 0% silicates
Contains only natural ingredients
  • <5% nonionic Surfactants
  • <5% cationic Surfactants
  • aromatizer
  • colorant
  • purified water
  • solution Ph 10
    concentrate Ph 10-11

How to use:

  1. Apply to the surface
  2. Leave for 5 min
  3. Rinse

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How do ESI JOIN Biocleaners clean surfaces?

Dirt deposits in pores and micro crevices of bathroom or kitchen surface


JOIN Biocleaner’s innovative active components penetrate the pores and micro crevices and remove the dirt from the surface without causing a chemical reaction and dissolving dirt onto the surface

JOIN BiocleanerJOIN Biocleaner

JOIN Biocleaner’s molecules merge with water and “surround” dirt particles, completely removing them from the surface

JOIN moleculeJOIN molecule merged with water molecules
Dirt moleculeDirt molecule “surrounded” by the JOIN molecules merged with water

Dirt is completely removed from the pores and micro crevices of the surface

JOIN moleculeJOIN molecule merged with water molecules
Dirt moleculeDirt molecule “surrounded” by the JOIN molecules merged with water

The dirt rises up to the surface from the pores and micro crevices, so You can easily remove it. Now the body is spotless, and You can simply rinse off any traces of Biocleaner

JOIN moleculeJOIN molecule merged with water molecules
Dirt moleculeDirt molecule “surrounded” by the JOIN molecules merged with water

The Biocleaner leaves a hydrophobic film on the surface to prevent dirt particles from re-entering the pores

JOIN moleculeJOIN molecule merged with water molecules
Dirt moleculeDirt molecule “surrounded” by the JOIN molecules merged with water

The Biocleaner leaves an antistatic charge on the surface to protect it from re-soiling. The body remains clean for a prolonged time. Every consecutive cleaning is more comfortable, quicker, and cheaper than the last


Voluntary certification system

Ecolabel is a voluntary certification system for certifying goods and services across the EU, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland. Ecolabel is awarded to those producers who minimize their carbon footprint at all stages of the production cycle and the transfer of goods to consumers.
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