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Innovative eco-friendly home cleaners

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Safe home environment

Contains 0% acrylates or phosphor

Contains NO liquid plastic or phosphor which harm Your health if inhaled or ingested.

Rinses off easily

Easily removes soiling and food remnants from the surface and fabric and equally easily rinses off.

100% innovation

Leaves an antistatic charge that protects the surface from re-soiling and simplifies washing and cleaning.

No harmful fumes

Contains NO volatile toxic substances/volatile harmful chemicals which evaporate during usage.

Health safe

Created with great care about human health safety, animal safety, and the environment. Ecolabel certified as eco-friendly with the minimum carbon footprint.

ESI’s innovative formula

0% acrylates
Acrylates known as “liquid plastic” are slowly soluble in water salts or complex acrylic acid esters. After the cleaning is finished, acrylates remain on various surfaces and enter Your body system through the skin. ESI’s unique formula contains NO acrylates yet cleans surfaces as effectively as cleaners containing “liquid plastic.”
0% phosphor
Phosphor and its derivatives (phosphates, phosphonates, etc.) are insoluble in water. When phosphor or its products reach reservoirs through the sewage system, they act as potent fertilizers for blue-green algae. Reservoirs turn into swamps, decreasing the amount of clean water. Fish die en masse, while humans and animals fall ill. ESI’s innovative formula contains NO phosphor yet cleans as efficiently as cleaners containing phosphor.
Cleans effectively yet delicately
ESI’s unique formula cleans surfaces effectively yet delicately and represents a revolutionary method of cleaning. Active molecules mixed with water gently remove soiling from the body. At the same time, deep cleaning occurs in pores and micro crevices. Biocleaners rinse off quickly, leaving an antistatic charge which protects surfaces from re-soiling.

Voluntary certification system

Ecolabel is a voluntary certification system for certifying goods and services across the EU, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland. Ecolabel is awarded to those producers who minimize their carbon footprint at all stages of the production cycle and the transfer of goods to consumers.


You need to know!

Non-eco-friendly cleaners, detergents, and dishwashing soaps are harmful to Your health. Learn about toxins in toxic household chemicals and how to keep Your home clean without compromising Your health from a comprehensive meta-research.